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Your followers find something they want on your Instagram feed, but have no way of easily purchasing it. Send them to the Have2Have.It link in your profile.

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The Have2Have.It link takes your followers to a shoppable, curated page that has the same look and feel as your brand’s Instagram feed. They can now tap the images and discover the products they love.

Increase revenue with higher conversions. drives followers directly to your E-Commerce website to complete their purchase and discover more products.

A dashboard made for sellers like you.

Manage everything in one place on desktop or mobile. Easily add posts to your feed by tagging one or multiple products in the images on your dashboard. Make strategic social decisions based on the analytics provides, as well as capture and export customer data.


"Being able to get referrals from specific images on Instagram has allowed us to tweak and refine the type of social promotions we do.  We can also drive traffic to specific articles and videos that would otherwise get lost in the mix."

Katherine Martinez

Director of E-Commerce, Nylon Magazine

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"We've seen a huge jump in referral traffic, email sign-ups and revenue thanks to Have2Have.It."

Lexi Cross

Marketing Directory, Lulu Frost

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"Dailylook has had a great experience with H2H. We've experienced higher clicks, traffic and ROI to our site than any other platform tested."

Melanee Shale

Social Media Manager, Dailylook

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1000-2999 clicks
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3000+ clicks
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Use Have2Have.It to leverage the only clickable link in your profile to increase traffic and sales. Have2Have.It customers see a 70% click through rate and 50% more time on site from Have2Have.It traffic.


  • Customizable tracking codes
  • Advanced analytics
  • Connect multiple products per post
  • Embed functionality
  • Conversion tracking
  • Shopify products integration

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